Our products

Rubber Extrusion Line CNC 90/120/160

06/12/16 bobbin winding machines

24x4 CNC monowire coiling line

30x4 CNC monowire coiling line

32x4 CNC monowire coiling line

24x4 CNC multiwire coiling line

30x4 CNC multiwire coiling line

32x4 CNC multiwire coiling line

16x2 CNC braiding line

16x4 Line CNC marking line

20x2 CNC braiding line

20x4 CNC braiding line

CNC 24x2 Over 3 New braiding line

CNC 24x4 Over 3 New braiding line

CNC 36x2 Over 3 New braiding line

CNC 36x4 Over 3 New braiding line

CNC 48x2 sdoppiabile braiding line

Wrappin / unrapping line with Trestles Lawyer / Svolg

Embossed ribbon marker

Moisten with hot leads bandages

Line of Curing

Line Extraction Soul and test tubes

Line coiling standard and automated

Line Treatment spindle

Mandrel Welder GA1000

Mandrel Welder GA2000

Cleaner Automatic Welding chuck PAA25

Cleaner Automatic Welding chuck PAA40

Facing Spindle with Cable Splicer and Steel

Line Extrusion polypropylene production spindles

Cutter foglietta

Coil Steel for vulcanization

Coil of service

Group for expelling water line extraction

Power strips and stops compound extrusion line

Stands Winders and Trestles offs customer specifications

Trolleys spools